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The cavalier is over 250 k!!!
2:08 FriNov14


Operation Stimulus 2009

This year Operation Stimulus's organizers have decided to do some promotion before the flyer that usually goes out in December. I was able to create the web banners that are shown above along with some other promotional pieces that are still in the works.


Check It Out.

Designer Tools
www.lulu.com - a self publishing site. I've always wanted to publish my own book & now it is easy using Lulu's services!

www.sxc.hu - stock.xchng - free stock photography. Need I say more?

www.pandora.com - Beth Woods told me about this site awhile back. You type in your favorite artist & then the site plays their music & other artists like them. A good way to find new music.

www.quickenonline.intuit.com - Quicken Online- Mr. Budget Jr. is always looking for ways to stretch our dollar further. This free program helps you set monthly goals by taking your past spending habits into account. It can do a bunch of other neat things too, like make pie charts! Mmmm I like pie.

Last trip to Wisconsin

I traveled up to Wisconsin for the final time without a car seat strapped in my backseat over the weekend of October 24-26. Jarrod & Jessie toured around the state seeing friends, attending their coed baby shower & picking out this year's Christmas tree from my favorite mechanics Christmas Tree Farm. Baby Scheunemann sure seems to be a big deal. I am secretively hoping that he/she will sleep best when going for a ride so I can hang out with him/her more!

Hope to see you all when the baby arrives.
Love, the Corolla