Ranger Roy

I've been slowly working on illustrations for a children's book that Jarrod & I are tag teaming on about Acadia National Park. I completed my forth illustration this week & got photos taken since some of the first ones had started to fade! I am super excited to start looking for a typeface that will work well with the illustrations & convey Jarrod's written word perfectly.

So, without much further ado, I would like to introduce you to Ranger Roy.


Operation Stimulus 2010

Event Dates: January 28-30
For the third year running I had the opportunity to work on all of the marketing pieces for the conference Operation Stimulus that the Denver Transportation Club puts on in Denver, CO. Below you will see highlights of some of the work.

Marketing Piece #5

Because of limited funds for marketing this year we used emailable PDFs to spread the word about this year's event. We created five different marketing pieces, updating information as it came in, that could easily be printed &/or forwarded on. I made a change in branding to update the overall look of the marketing pieces for Operation Stimulus 2010. One of these changes was introducing the font Expressway for all secondary copy. I kept the typeface Stencil for headings & the like. I also created pictorial images to represent the different portions of the conference. Much like transportation signs, these pictorial images gave you visual clues of what was going on at this year's conference without reading a word.

Program Cover

One of the Speaker's Spreads
One of the design changes I made inside of this year's program was putting the speakers in order by the time they would appear according to the schedule. By doing this I was able to put ads on the speaker spreads, which are naturally higher traffic areas in the program & reinforce when this year's breakout sessions were.

Schedule of Events Spread
This year I redesigned the schedule of events to highlight the what, when & where of the conference for the attenders. This way they could get needed information at a glance.

Recap Piece
We sent out an emailable PDF much like the pre-conference ones to thank this year's sponsors & let people know when next year's event will be.