Cadence's Baby Dedication

Cadence's Baby Dedication was a very special day. She had many family & friends visit for the occasion. She also got to wear the first of many beautiful dresses in her life.

The following video is of Cadence's thanking her godmommy Beth for her Baby Dedication Day video & showing off her pretty dress.


AC Premium Member Here.

I finally did it. I joined the AC Premium Community. I've been tip toeing around the main Accidental Creative website for months now listening to free podcasts & reading the public blog. Always eating up everything Todd Henry has to say. Now that I took the plunge (at only $9.95/mo) I have access to the entire archive of podcasts. I listened to four today!

I did have a little push from Accidental Creative - they are running a special right now where the first 30 days are free. So, you too can try AC Premium & enjoy their creative coaching.

** AC Premium is now AC Engage. Same greatness. Different name.


Mommy Time

I've finally succumbed to living my life on Mommy Time & it has been quite freeing. Now don't think I'm not still fighting my inner self about being in control of things; however, in the past month dishes have sat in the sink a bit longer, our bed isn't made most days & emails stack up in my inbox - I even missed a chiropractor appointment yesterday! I've NEVER missed a scheduled appointment. I may be late more often than not, but I always show up.

I didn't think adjusting to being a Mom was going to take this long. I could juggle working out, my freelance work, my full-time job, relationships & extra odds & ends with ease. Now that I've added a baby into the mix she seems to trump anything else that is going on daily - which makes me quite anxious when I'm laying in bed defragging from my day.

This past weekend would not have been possible if I hadn't given in to Mommy Time. Part of Mommy Time is realizing anything you do will take double the amount of time it would have pre-Mommy Time. With that in mind we planned a Halloween trip up to Wisconsin to go trick or treating with Cadence's cousins. Because of different family events I ended up taking an extra two days off of work to protect Saturday as Cousin Day and I am so glad I did! Cadence, the butterfly, & I, the Mom, had a blast flying from house to house racing the Rieder boys & collecting candy.