Good News and BETTER NEWS!

Good News: The Corolla is back on the road!
It was only $400 away from being totaled (crazy!) but after working with the guy's insurance company that hit Jarrod & their body shop of choice, we were able to get a new bumper free of charge to us. Yipee! It does look pretty funny with no stickers on the bumper & tons all over the rest of the car. Let the traveling begin!

BETTER NEWS: Cadence Rose Scheunemann was born!
Cadence Rose arrived on January 19th, 2009 at 2:20PM.
She weighed in at 6 lbs. 2 oz & was 19 inches long.
We have been enjoying the challenge of becoming parents.

Pregnancy Top 5

At the end of any trip we ask, "what's your top 5?" Since the pregnancy of Baby Scheunemann was quite a trip we compiled a Top 5 for Jessie, Jarrod & Baby Scheunemann. Enjoy!

1. Prego complexion & hair
2. The ultrasound
3. Feeling the baby move - ALL THE TIME!
4. Baby moon to Colorado
5. Meeting Cadence Rose for the first time

1. Taking the baby to it's first and second Jack Johnson concert
2. Taking the baby to it's first 14er. (Pikes Peak)
3. Watching Jessie be the toughest woman ever during pregnancy and labor
4. Hiking with the pregnant mommy
5. Meeting Cadence for the first time

Baby Scheunemann
1. Listening to Dad read me Psalms at night
2. Making Mom feel better by giving a kick
3. Kicking the dopler off mom's tummy at the doctor's office
4. Worship music at Church
5. Meeting Mom and Dad for the first time


The Morning After

Yesterday, Jarrod called around 9:30AM to tell me he was in an accident on his way to work. Jarrod is okay - shaken up, but okay. The Corolla on the other hand has seen better days. He fishtailed in the icy, right hand turn lane & while trying to decipher how to straighten out the car - BANG. The guy who was following him slammed into his back end, decorating the road with about 500 pieces of shattered bumper stickers. When the cop got there to do the report Jarrod turned off the car. We had already been having issues with the battery, so when he went to restart it - it wouldn't start. It probably didn't help that it was -28ºF with the windchill. So the Corolla got towed. During lunch Jarrod was able to get a new battery & free the Corolla from jail!

After work, Jarrod headed over to a body shop place to get an estimate. $2,800. Wow. Kelly Blue Book says it's worth about $2,400. We'll see what happens. Cross your fingers that the Corolla hasn't seen the end of it's traveling days! AND if we do get a new back end we will have to start traveling for new stickers. Anyone want to join us?


2009: A Year of Focus

With a new year comes a time for reflection. While I was currently reflecting I learned the following about myself: When I have a choice between the hard way & the easy way - I choose the easy way. This new found character trait isn't true in all areas of my life; however, it blazes like the sun when it comes to tasks that involve learning.

I know what you are thinking, "Jessie you did well in school. What are you talking about?" Exactly my point! This is why it took me five years to discover this character trait. I did well in school, because I had direction. I always had a teacher to teach me. I never have to dig deeply to find the answer to a problem. Since I've been out of school the list of random projects that involve learning continue to grow, because once I get to a point that I have to dig for answers - I put down the shovel.

As I was dissecting this character trait I created a list of projects that fell into this category (see below). And then I thought, "Why not try to dig deeper in 2009? A New Year's resolution of sorts." I've always been a sucker for resolutions. I had to hold back thinking I could accomplish the entire list this year. And yes, the thought did cross my mind. It did take me five years to start all these projects, so instead I've decided that 2009 will be a year of focus.
1. To focus on being a new parent
2. To focus on one item on the below list at a time.
While enjoying lunch at McAlister's with Jarrod, I was able to prioritize my list.

Drum roll please... the scary projects...
1. Set up time machine on my mac
2. Fully understand the manual settings on my camera (f/stops, shutter speeds, etc)
Even though I've been taught this numerous times it has never stuck.
3. Create HTML emails for Jessie Marie Studio
4. Redesign jessiemariestudio.com
5. Publish a book.
6. Publish a typeface.