Mason Jennings

I don't think I have ever been this close to the stage and not in a mosh pit. Our fist time at the High Dive was a good one &, as expected, Mason Jennings put on a great show. Below is a snippet of the song Be Here Now. Enjoy!


Real Life Dreams

A post from our Project 2007 Blog
18th Aug 2007 - Leaving Alaska...

I know that I haven`t written much on our official blog; however, I hope my photos have let you all enjoy the scenery of the trip so far. Apx 3000 photos to date. Our travels in Alaska have been everything I could have wished for. It is always odd to finish something that you have been planning forever. Kinda like a wedding. "We are going to Alaska" was Jarrod & my mantra for the past three years. Bad day at work, "We are going to Alaska" Put that extra paycheck in the bank, "We are going to Alaska" Buy a gas guzzling truck when gas prices are high, "We are going to Alaska" And now, here we are leaving Alaska. However, the memories, stories, & photos that have been collected here will never be forgotten! And you know I`m sure Jarrod & I will come up with some crazy scheme for the next season in our life together. I asked Jarrod today, "is this living happily ever after?" and he said, "Yes."

I went for a run a couple of days ago in Tok, Alaska. I hadn`t ran in over three weeks. I forget how running doesn`t only give you time to exercise your body, but it exercises your mind too. I was able to digest all of the things I had done in the last five weeks. (Don`t worry Kandra, I still thought, "I hate this" every other thought or so! I would have rather been on a bike) Anyhow, while running I finally was able to grasp what a great accomplishment it has been to fulfill a dream. A real live dream. One that usually only greeting cards talk about! It has been simple when looking at it day to day; however, when you look at everything that encompasses Project 2007 it is pretty large. Hmmm... yup, still hard to grasp. Project 2007 is now half over for Jarrod & I, with only more fun to come. We have enjoyed including so many of our family & friends in on our crazy dream come to life. I can only hope that we have been able to convince people to follow their own dreams. Because you know, they really do come true.


And now over two years later we will soon be living happily ever after in a cute home surrounded by big trees & cobblestone roads:

I'm still amazed that we found this adorable home as a rental! In our price range!!