Operation Stimulus 2009 Program

Below are some sample spreads from this year's program. The most entertaining part of this project was that it was due to the printer by January 14th - six days after my due date. Well, little Cadence obviously wanted Mommy to finish what she started since she didn't arrive until the 19th. Why were we all worried about the deadline again?


Weigh In.

Cadence went in for her 3 week check up yesterday.
She weighed in at 7 lbs. 6.5 oz and was 21.5 inches long.
Grow Cadence, Grow!


Branding My Baby

As many of you know my love for typography & color is a bit more than that of the average joe. Normal first time Moms go out & buy their babies clothes, I bought my baby two typefaces: LD Bohemian Filigree (words 'new baby' in sample above) & Machiarge (word 'scheunemann' in sample above). After buying these two perfect typefaces - which, by the way, I made sure were unisex - I then went through the trouble of creating my baby the color pallete you see above - also unisex. I started with the colors that were already used in now sweet Cadence's room (National Park dark brown, light brown & red) and added an accent color to be used when needed - slate blue. And a brand was born! I've been using this new baby brand for baby Cadence's thank you cards & birth announcements. Stay tuned to see the finished products!