The empty lot where Pick 'n Save South used to be.

A couple weeks ago my roots were torn out of the ground. The original Pick ‘n Save South building was demolished. A new one is going up next door, but it will not be the same – and not just because it is a new building. The employees of the torn down building had to go through an interview process to keep their jobs. Many of them will not be there when the doors reopen. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.

I worked in the Pick ‘n Save deli throughout high school & college, my mom, Mary, managed the front-end, my step-dad, Dan, worked in the corporate offices, my sister, Becky, worked in the deli with me, my step-sister, Heather, worked in the salad bar, my step-brother, Josh, worked in dairy frozen with my brothers, Cody & J.P. That’s all of us. All Eight R’s. You can say it was a family thing. Only we didn’t own the place. But then again, we kinda did.

My family wove an interconnected group of friends while working there. Everyone knew everyone. And they still do.

I was in high school when it all began. It was the perfect social mixer. As our group grew we took pride in how many different schools we represented through our lettermen jackets.

Many lessons were learned & memories were made during those years. We worked hard. (Well, most of us.) We loved to dance. We loved sports. Girls & boys dated. And some of us even married our Pick ‘n Save sweethearts. Jarrod is a former bagger, you know.

Do you have any favorite memories of Pick ‘n Savers? Or places from your past that shaped you into who you are today? Please share.


Start to Finish

People have asked us "How'd you do it?" when they hear about our the Ranger Roy book. To answer that question I've posted our timeline below.

2009 - Idea of creating the character Ranger Roy was born. We can't remember exactly when.

07.09 to 08.09 - Jarrod wrote the copy
09.09 to 03.11 - Jessie created illustrations
02.24.11 - confirmed venue for Boneyard Arts Festival, Follett's Bookstore. A book in a bookstore. Perfect!
03.05.11 - Illustrations finished
03.07.11 - Started setting up book in InDesign to www.lulu.com's standards. Bought ISBN number from www.myidentifiers.com ($125.00)
03.09.11 - Bought font, Sharktooth ($60.00)
03.10.11 - Took illustrations into the photo studio. Cara Vetter photographed them using awesome lighting techniques.
03.13.11 - Prepress work for www.lulu.com. Put illustration photos into InDesign. Started to typeset Jarrod's copy.
03.15.11 - PUBLISHED through www.lulu.com!! for the first of three times. I had many issues following lulu's instructions to get this far. Wanted to switch to blurb.com, however I made the illustrations the proportions of a book size on lulu & not on blurb, so I was stuck with lulu.
03.16.11 - Ordered first proof (apx $15.00 per proof).  

03.17.11 - Two people bought the book! This is the moment we realized we created something that other people really wanted to buy. Wow.
03.20.11 - Got first proof. It had been rained on while out on our front step. After opening it we found all of the pages off by one. I hadn't accounted for the back of the front cover to be blank. Color looked awful. Dark & dingy. Found out who had bought the two books. Warned them of problems. Figured out how to make book private on lulu.com so others couldn't buy it until the actual book release date (04.07.11).
03.21.11 - Made needed changes. Added front title page & made color corrections (magic photoshop curve #1). Bought second proof.
03.24.11 - Got second proof. Much better, but the perfectionist in me wanted to make one more color adjustment. Plus, Jarrod found some small copy changes he wanted to make. Even with these changes in mind we CELEBRATED!
03.29.11 - Made final changes (magic photoshop curve #2 did the trick! I really should sell this curve to lulu customer's to fix the yucky printing! Ordered 10 copies of the book for the upcoming show. Also ordered 4 photos from mpix.com of the illustrations we framed for the show.
04.02.11 - Got books & mpix photos. Created "live reading" video for facebook of "Ranger Roy" aka Jarrod's dad reading the book.  

04.03.11 - Set up marketing email in Dreamweaver
04.04.11 - Finished marketing email & uploaded it to campaignmonitor.com. Set send time as 04.05.11 at 6AM. Matted & framed illustrations. Final touches on lulu.com (created final preview image & made book public). Created "stuff" for the show. Enter to Win box, cards with tinyurl on them for people to order book online when I'm not at the show, etc.
04.05.11 - Set up the show at Follett's Bookstore!
04.07.11 - Jarrod & Cadence bought trail like refreshments for our guests. BOOK RELEASE CELEBRATION! 5PM-7PM


Book Reading by Ranger Roy

Enjoy a "live" reading of Adventures with Ranger Roy: Acadia National Park by Ranger Roy himself! 

On Thursday, April 7th, as part the Boneyard Art Festival, Jarrod & Jessie will be officially releasing their very first children's book, Adventures with Ranger Roy: Acadia National Park. Join them in celebrating from 5PM-7PM on the second floor of Follett's Bookstore on Green Street. There will be live readings, plus framed illustrations and signed copies for sale.

The display will be up during the following store hours:

Thursday, April 7th: 9AM-7PM
Friday, April 8th: 9AM-7PM
Saturday, April 9th: 10AM-7PM
Sunday, April 10th: 11AM-6PM

If you can't make it during the Boneyard Arts Festival please check out the book on lulu.com.