Cadence Cuteness

In celebration of spring like weather (& her last molar coming in!) Cadence played dress up with some winter clothes that were being put away, took a walk with Aunt Sara & Mommy & went to the park for the first time of the season with Mommy & our great friend, Dave. What a great couple of days.


Date Weekend

Aunt Sara took on the challenge of staying with Cadence for an entire weekend to give Jarrod & I some time away. We appreciated her kindness & the time away immensely! Jarrod found a great resort for us to stay at, Eaglewood Resort & Spa. I did protest at first about staying there since I'm not really a fan of their brand typeface. I really should not have, the food was great & the atmosphere was elegant.

On Saturday, after getting out of bed at 10AM & eating a relaxed breakfast, we found a city park to run our scheduled eight mile run for our upcoming 1/2 marathon. It was fun to run in the snow & together. We have had to run all of our runs separate since one of us has to stay home with Cadence. After the run, we visited IKEA (Jarrod had never been there!) and then filled our tummies up at the Melting Pot in Schaumburg.

Thanks again, Sara!