Operator Error?

A couple of weeks back I ordered gobs of photos from snapfish. The excitement I used to feel when I would go pick up my prints up from camera casino returned when the package arrived at my doorstep. I opened the package. Started flipping through over one-hundred prints. As I flipped I got more & more disappointed. The photos were dark. They lacked any sort of contrast. I was confused. I blamed snapfish. There was no way this was operator error.

Well.... it looks like the problem may indeed be operator error. This past weekend we went over to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana &, as always, I took my camera. On the hour ride over to the park I decided to do some investigation. My investigation began by reading about Selecting a Picture Style in my Digital Rebel XTi owners manual. I slowly learned that my camera was set on Faithful.


This is for users who prefer to process images with their personal computer. (aka the user never wants to print them)... The image is dull and subdued.

Awesome. I have no idea how long the camera has been set to Faithful, which is a misleading label if you ask me! I'm guessing at least since last December, since those were the oldest photos I had printed. I've now begun switching the picture style setting between Portrait & Landscape accordingly. I will be printing some more photos (maybe not gobs this time!) to see if the problem was indeed operator error.


Becky said...

That stinks! I'm glad you figured out before Baby arrives, at least :)

BW's said...

Oh Jessie that is just sad. I'm so sorry! You made me go grab my camera instantly and now I'm trying to figure out mine...I think you have a Nikon though right? So crazy especially for sooo many ooddles of beautiful images that you know they are! Faithful is indeed the wrong name for that setting. boo!

Jessie Marie said...

Beth, I have the Canon Rebel xTi. You should be able to check out how to get to picture style on your canon by just looking in your manual's the table of contents. No Faithful for me anymore!