Mommy Time

I've finally succumbed to living my life on Mommy Time & it has been quite freeing. Now don't think I'm not still fighting my inner self about being in control of things; however, in the past month dishes have sat in the sink a bit longer, our bed isn't made most days & emails stack up in my inbox - I even missed a chiropractor appointment yesterday! I've NEVER missed a scheduled appointment. I may be late more often than not, but I always show up.

I didn't think adjusting to being a Mom was going to take this long. I could juggle working out, my freelance work, my full-time job, relationships & extra odds & ends with ease. Now that I've added a baby into the mix she seems to trump anything else that is going on daily - which makes me quite anxious when I'm laying in bed defragging from my day.

This past weekend would not have been possible if I hadn't given in to Mommy Time. Part of Mommy Time is realizing anything you do will take double the amount of time it would have pre-Mommy Time. With that in mind we planned a Halloween trip up to Wisconsin to go trick or treating with Cadence's cousins. Because of different family events I ended up taking an extra two days off of work to protect Saturday as Cousin Day and I am so glad I did! Cadence, the butterfly, & I, the Mom, had a blast flying from house to house racing the Rieder boys & collecting candy.

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Brian and Beth Woods said...

What a beautiful butterfly! Her costume turned out great! Glad you got to spend some extra time in WI to not feel as rushed :)