Join Team Race:Well

We need $4,000 to build a well like this one.
The purposes of a person's heart are deep waters, 
but one who has insight draws them out. 
Proverbs 20:5

Join Team Race:Well, within Team ActiveWater, in running, walking or cheering* for Clean Water in Mapalo, Zambia, Africa during this year’s Illinois Marathon events over April 29th & 30th. You can pick between a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Full Marathon. Or come down on race day & cheer* from the curb!

We are looking for a team of 50 athletes to run/walk & fundraise $80 each. When we meet this goal our team will have raised $4,000, enough to provide a well to a community in Mapalo, Zambia, Africa! Kristina Conner at Team ActiveWater will be helping us make this goal a reality.

If providing clean water for people who are going without is not enough of a reason to join check out these incentives from ActiveWater:

ActiveWater will equip you with an online training plan.  The plans are offered by their sponsors, Active.com, and are normally sold for $40.  But, with the Team ActiveWater coupon you will receive this training plan for making a $5 deposit into your personal fundraising page. Those of us on the team who are using active.com's training plans have only good things to say about them. 

• Your Personal Fundraising Page will be an amazing tool to lead your friends to ActiveWater’s official website to learn about the water crisis and even invite them to become a part of the movement by joining the team or by making a secure donation to Active:Water’s current project for Mapalo, Zambia.

Here are links to Jarrod, Jessie & Joe's Personal Fundraising Pages (While you are checking out our pages give a dollar or two. One dollar provides clean water for an African for one year!)
• Once you successfully fundraise $250 or more, you'll receive an ActiveWater T-shirt for race day.  If you fundraise $550 or more, Active Water will send you an official ActiveWater running singlet.  If you fundraise $850 or more, they will send you the matching running shorts!  It's ActiveWater’s way of saying thank you for all your hard work.

We take clean water for granted everyday. Let's come together to help out those who don't. Please send Jessie an email if you have any questions or want to run with us. Walk the race if you don't wish to run. Or cheer* on race day! Most of all, please GIVE to our team in prayers &/or donations.

Thank you so much for your support.
We look forward to sharing this race with you!
Jarrod & Jessie Scheunemann

*If you are going to be in the cheering section we will be selling t-shirts you can wear on race day. Also, please pair up with an athlete to fundraise with if you want to help us build that well. We can help you find an athlete if you don't know someone racing.

NOTE: The Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon and Team Race:Well are not affiliated with one another. You will need to sign up for your race & then join Team Race:Well through Jessie or Jarrod.

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