Retreats at the Lake House

Make Art Retreat: November 13th - 15th

The Make Art Retreat brought Jessie Marie Studio's beliefs to life: creativity, harmony & relationships. Five women participated including myself. None of these women had met each other before, but all knew me. Therefore, most of them have heard about one another which helped in people bringing certain questions for certain people. ie. one women used to work at a camera shop so my other girlfriend brought her camera with questions since she is starting up a side business of taking wedding/family photos. All had projects that they were working on that they needed guidance, brainstorming &/or an outside view. We were able to talk art, make art & eat awesome vegetarian food during the weekend. We made these portabella muschroom sandwiches on focaccia bread that were AMAZING! 

I personally worked on my Acadia Children's book & was able to get another illustration done over the two days. I think it is the best one to date. Each women critiqued what I had already completed as well - which was nice. We kept the following loose schedule:

Loose Schedule of Make Art Retreat
Saturday, November 13th - weather forecast: RAIN/44º high
Jessie & Leslie arrive mid-afternoon
Unpack. Set up studios if need be.
Between 6PM & 8PM Dinner
Chit Chat. Make Art.

Sunday, November 14th - weather forecast: PARTLY SUNNY/42º
Early Morning - (if awake) Leisurely Breakfast
Morning - Take in Art. Chit Chat.
11AMish Pack Lunches & head over to Calumet County Park for a hike/nature photo shoot (weather permitting)
Afternoon - Make Art. Chit Chat.
Between 6PM & 8PM Dinner
Chit Chat. Relax.

Monday, November 15th
Clean up. Gather our Art.
Return Home.

The hike got axed since it was sleeting all day Sunday. All in all I really hope to make this a yearly or bi-yearly event. It was refreshing in a geeky art kind of way :)

Fat Camp 2011: January 28th - 30th

The Four Blonde Crew enjoying their fond due.

A group of four of us from high school get together annually at what we fondly call Fat Camp. It is a time of eating good food, catching up & maybe even going for a winter hike or doing an exercise dvd inside. We met much farther south this year at my parent's cabin on Lake Winneabago rather than in Upper Michigan. There was a comment that it wasn't remote enough since we had internet & cell phone reception. The best take away from the weekend: when grumpy put on some high heels & make up. You are sure to feel better.

And for you foodies out there a review of the menu.

Friday Night
A pot of Italian vegetable soup will be on the stove for you to enjoy when you arrive. Along with a side salad & bread. Matched with a Merlot.

Saturday Breakfast

A light breakfast of fruit, chocolate chip bagels, tea & juice

Saturday Lunch

Leftovers from Friday night.

Saturday Dinner

Grilled Mozzarella Sandwiches with Tomato & Basil Tortellini Soup. (Check out Whole Food Recipe App for this one!)

Sunday Breakfast

Brunch style. Omlets, toast, sausage & fruit.

Snack Ideas

Snickers Bar Fondue with wine as afternoon or late night snack. Matched with a Muscat (white dessert wine).
baked chips and / or whole grain goldfish
cheese & sausage tray with a local brew.

Bring winter gear if we want to go out. Bring workout gear if we want to stay in. Bring only pajamas if you just want to sit on the couch all weekend!


WantVSO said...

Can't go wrong with food and art :)

Jessie Marie said...

Oh so true!