Project | Faith & Science in Dialogue: Rheticus Forum

I received the following information from the client, Saint Andrew's Lutheran Campus Center:
An evening lecture series looking at the challenges individuals meet when approaching the integration of scientific disciplines and religion. This series seeks to create dialogue rather than debate, share personal experience rather than philosophical polemic, affirm harmony in places of havoc, & invite learning across the generations.

Purpose: Faith & Science in Dialogue: Rheticus Forum starting the fall semester 2011 is a statement of who St. Andrew's Lutheran Campus Ministry is here at the University of Illinois (they take questions about life seriously). The lecture series will continue for many semesters to come.

Goals: Demonstrate how dialogue (as expressed in designed flyer) puts Faith and Science in a creative tension for the twenty-first century; Campus ministry can be a vital part of that dialogue.

Our Market: The broad "university community" and the town(s) communities with a campaign to appeal to both groups

I created the following marketing plan & look:

Since the client wanted their target market to be "everyone" I broke "everyone" down into different categories. My suggestion to them is going to be to focus their time, energy & funds on the first 3 general categories. Each marketing piece is labeled with which target it would focus on. The client will be refined the originally presented plan to fit their needs. The starred category is anyone who is already passionate about the series &/or St. Andrew's & therefore, will be an ambassador for this event.

11 inch x 17 inch Poster

5.5 inch x 2.125 inch Ticket (front)

5.5 inch x 2.125 inch Ticket (back)

Are you interested in attending the lecture series? Like Saint Andrew's Lutheran Campus Center on facebook for the most up-to-date information.

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