I'm stuck. Stuck in the research phase for Jessie Marie Studio's Right Brain Business Plan. I need to move forward. I need to be okay with not knowing all the answers.

Trends. Trends are what's been holding me here like super glue. 

What are today's trends?

What trends are my clients a part of?

How do I define them?

How can a utilize these undefined trends for future business?

And then it hit me. Move on. Take what I have read, written & looked at regarding trends over the past three months & be okay with letting go of organizing & documenting answers.  

Because really trends are an ever moving target.

barbie & ken date night. 1982. cool then. retro now.

PS This doesn't mean I'm ignoring trends. Just over the past three months I have acted on two trends I had identified: Instagram & my social group being made up of a whole lot of young families.

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