Capturing Moments

Last week I didn't talk about a new service Jessie Marie Studio started to offer this fall. Lifestyle photo shoots for young families. Families who are still trying to navigate what it means to be a family. Much like my own family.

For these Moms & Dads it is sometimes hard to comprehend that they are living the moments their kids will remember forever right now. I have personally found photos to be the best way to capture memories for my family. However, as I commented on Monday, sometimes it's more important to live on the other side of the lens. Because of this, I invite young families to use me as their photographer for an hour or two while everyone from Mom to baby brother enjoy the moment together.

Moments like family walks, playing on swings, playing catch & coloring with chalk. These are all moments my first family, the Tiras, shared while I took photo after photo. It was a joy to spend a Saturday morning capturing moments for this young family.

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