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Over the next eight to ten weeks Jessie Marie Studio is going to present the following Elements of Design: Line, Form, Value, Space, Balance, Shape, Color and Texture here on Cause to Gleam.  These Elements are the basic building blocks of art & design.

During this series you will have a chance to interact with the Elements of Design through short exercises. If you decide to participate please pass along your work & it will posted with the Element it represents. Enjoy & have fun!

Line is the continuous movement of a point along a surface, such as by a pencil or brush on paper or canvas. The edges of shapes and forms also create lines, such as the edge of your computer screen. Line is the most basic of the elements of design. It creates the shapes and forms you see on a two-dimensional surface. Every line has length, thickness, and direction. There are curve, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag, wavy, parallel, dash, and dotted lines. When you use these different kinds of line you can create different feelings on the paper. Dark, thick lines can convey intensity whereas light thin lines can convey a tenderness to the viewer.

Watch the professionals at the typefoundry House Industries represent the element of line is a variety of ways in the below video:

Interact with Line
Collect a couple objects from your kitchen, such as a whisk, a couple bowls & an apple. Arrange them on your table. Create 3 to 5 sketches of your still life. Challenge yourself to have some of the images be the outline of the objects while others show inner detail. Try to represent different feelings of the objects through your line quality.

{Day 25: I made this amazing Creamy Quinoa Primavera for dinner last night & wanted to share!}

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