Build an Effective Mobile Office

Work can be done anywhere. The tricky part for many of us is showing up & focusing on the task at hand. Jessie Marie Studio has been utilizing a mobile office since the beginning of June. I've learned there are certain things you need, want & need to bring when working out in public.

Open Air Mobile Office

Free WiFi


Large Tables

Public Restrooms

Work Group Mobile Office


Free Parking

Windows with a View

Free Food & Beverages

Or Food & Beverages to Purchase

A Cool Atmosphere

Privacy for phone calls

Cool Atmosphere Mobile Office

Basic Items to Bring:

Laptop & power-cord (forgot mine today. Opps!)

Headphones - to help you get into the zone

Cell phone - for any needed phone calls

Wallet - to pay for above mentioned food

Pen & Paper - for notes & to do lists

Snack or Beverage from Home

Anything else you would add?

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Anonymous said...

1. katie martin. 2. lunch with your husband.