Mission Possible

"With your Right-Brain Business Plan, you'll use your vision and values to help you pen a Passion and Purpose Proclamation instead {of a mission statement}. This proclamation describes what has heart and meaning for you and your perfect customers, and how you're making a positive impact through your work." pg 45 Right-Brain Business Plan

The JMS Plan started with "Educate Through Visual Solutions" as it's Passion and Purpose Proclamation {mission statement}. However, as I began to fully understand my services this statement didn't encompass my design AND photography offerings. I felt the statement worked for the design services but not the photography ones.

Old Mission Statement Card  |  Front.
Old Mission Statement Card  |  Back

Back to the drawing board I went. I imagined a fancy mission statement with all the bells & whistles. And then I reread my current daily inspirational quote:

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak." 
Hans Hofmann

So with that in mind, I bring to you The JMS Plan's mission statement.

Jessie Marie Studio's Mission Statement Card  |  Front

Jessie Marie Studio's Mission Statement Card  |  Back

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