Customer Portraits

Right-Brain Business Plan Exercise: Collage Your Perfect Customer Portraits

"Flip through magazines you think your potential clients might read. Find pictures of people who represent your perfect customers. Look for images that evoke their lifestyles. Cut out words or phrases that describe what they are like or what their needs are." page 81, Right-Brain Business Plan

Cadence & I sat down and did this exercise together.

Below are my target market cards to add to the value cards & the mission statement card.

Small Business/Start Ups Front

Small Business/Start Up Back

Work-at-Home Mothers Front

Work-at-Home Mothers Back

Non-Profits/Churches Front

Non-Profits/Churches Back

I haven't finished my Young Families card yet for the photo shoots I offer. I am planning on using my own images for that one. So it will have images like these ones or some of these on it.

Cadence's cards are below. She loved making them!

Cadence's Cards. She only did one side on each.

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