Project | The Rheticus Forum 2012-2013

St. Andrew's Lutheran Church and Campus Center asked me to work with them again this year to promote their lecture series on faith and science. Last year we created the brand look, ie. distinct colors, type usage & repeated design elements. This year we used the established branding, but updated the name from Faith & Science in Dialogue to The Rheticus Forum.

The poster for the entire 2012-2013 lecture series.
A bulletin insert will be created for each speaker to send to local churches.
A flyer will be created for each lecture to be used on the University of Illinois campus.
A program cover will be designed for each lecture to be used the day of the event.

As well as doing design work for the project, I also made a marketing plan to help the client know when to do what. The plan for the lecture tomorrow night is below. If you are free & in the area you should really head over for the event.

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