Day 1: Take a Photo

31 Days of Adventure
Official Day 1
Take a photo of something familiar from a new angle.

The day we bought our 2007 Nissan Xterra we named it KYT. The license plates we transferred to our new rough & tough truck were 529-KYT. We bought KYT to transport us on an adventure of a lifetime: Project 2007.

Today our life is different from that free spirited year of 2007 is many ways. But not in the most important one: each day is an adventure. The sense of Adventure that we adopted from that year has never left the Scheunemann family.

Yesterday, as it says above, I was challenged to take a photo of something familiar from a new angle. At first this didn't seem like much of a challenge since my camera is a faithful friend. But then I decided why not take a photo of our Adventure Vehicle, KYT. Now, to figure out what a new angle is you need to know what photos you have already taken. I give to you the life of KYT through photos:

On the shores of Lake Winneabago. Ready for Project 2007.

First attempt at packing the truck for Project 2007

Road West.

Applying our first sticker.

Bison crossing in Canada.

Xterra Office.
Seward, Alaska
Traffic jam in Alaska. Not a bad place to be stuck.

Dirt road to Kennecott, Alaska

The Scheunemanns inside KYT.

Road to Kennecott, Alaska.

Haines Hwy, Alaska.

Ferry ride to Bellingham, Washington.

"Jarrod! Look up you need to remember this bridge!" Road back from California.

Stickers collected on Project 2007.

In Yellowstone with a Rental instead of the broke Excursion.
Pit Stop in Ohio to visit family.
Tunes for the way back to Wisconsin.

Cody in the backseat.

Rockin' the drivers seat.

Getting ready for Destination: Maine. Summer of 2009

Destination: Maine. Bringing along the kid gear.

Campground in Maine.

Auntie Leslie, Auntie Sara & six month old Cadence.

Cadence's toys.

Our newest Adventurer!
New Hampshire.

Saying goodbye to the Corolla. (Second crashed car from the right)

Ready for take off in the Tetons. 2010.

Cadence's Big Adventure in the Tetons & Yellowstone.

Towel Rack.

The baby gear's IN!

So's the tired baby.

I took note that we didn't have any photos of the top of KYT. So, yesterday this 6 month pregnant chic climbed up on a ladder while Jarrod & Cadence assisted:

Jarrod took photos with my iPhone of the shinanagins:

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