Day 6: Rock Out to a New Beat

31 Days of Adventure Day 6
Rock Out to a New Beat

The Adventurers enjoying some new kid friendly tunes at the Fairy Tale Ball.

"Break out of your regular playlist and listen to new music today. Check out your local venues and go see a new band. Change your Pandora station to something you've never heard of. Listen to an opera in its entirety." - daily email prompt

During my work time on Friday I listened to...

... some YouTube videos from the band So Long Forgotten, because they are from Decauter, Illinois. They were okay. I'm not going to add them into my top five bands.
... a couple different Hard Rock/Metal iTune Radio stations, because I thought I would be appalled by what I would hear. I wasn't. Rage Against the Machine's song Bulls On Parade was the first song to play. I forgot how much I LOVE that song!
... a couple different Electronica iTune Radio stations. What does that name even mean? I found myself knowing the words to some of the songs, but nothing stood out as repulsive or amazing.
... a couple different Eclectic iTune Radio stations. A whole lot of music in different languages. Kinda good to work to when you are trying to think.

And then last night Jarrod, Cadence & I went to the Fairy Tale Ball: A Knight to Remember at the Urbana Free Library where daddy & daughter learned some new dance moves.

And mommy & daughter made up their own.

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