Day 3: Remap Your Route

31 Days of Adventure Day 3
Remap Your Route

"For your daily adventure today, consider a different means of transportation to work (or school) — Can you bike? Walk? Take a bus or carpool? Or, if you can’t do that, take a different (maybe more scenic) route and see what you discover" - daily prompt

I've never taken a city bus. Neither has Cadence. Together we got on our first city bus, transferred to another & made it to Jarrod for lunch. A bouquet of dandelions even made the trip from the corner of Washington & Prospect to Daddy in Huff Hall.

After lunch we successfully made it home. This adventure pushed me far out of my conform zone. So much so that I joined Cadence for an hour in a half nap when we got home.

Walking to the bus stop on Prospect & Washington
Picking Daddy's bouquet

Ta da!

The Adventure Girls!

The Grey. Our first city bus!
An excited little girl.

Mommy & Cadence

Holding onto Daddy's flowers

Inside the Blue

Time to go home

We had to sit on the seats that saw out the big doors

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