Day 5: Cook Up Something New

31 Days of Adventure Day 5
Cook Up Something New

"For today's adventure, try a new food." - email prompt

1. Make a two tier strawberry & chocolate cake for our Small Group treat.
*My sister, Becky, got all the baking genes. She actually made this cake up!

2. Make Cauliflower, Spinach, & Potato Stir-Fry with Coconut Milk for dinner.
*I've never had serrano chiles or unsweetened coconut milk that were in the recipe.

Cadence after chocolate beater #2.

The Cake! Pretty good for a first time cake decorator if you ask me.

Cadence all sugared up on the extra frosting.

Cadence decided she wanted to help with tonight's complicated meal.

The two serrano chiles all chopped up.

All the ingredients together. When I fried the chilies they singed my sinuses!

Dinner is served.
Needless-to-say the dish was spicy. Well, it was actually more spicy in the air than on your tongue. Our entire small group showed up shortly after Cadence & I were done eating (she had a peanut butter sandwich) & all started coughing when they entered. The fried chilies were stuck in the air to share! We opened the windows to air the place out. And then ate the strawberry chocolate cake. Yum!

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