Here we go!

Photo from Cadence's Big Adventure out to Wyoming in July 2010 ©Jessie Marie Studio, LLC

I have been on a lot of adventures since getting together with my amazing husband, Jarrod Scheunemann. Our very first road trip adventure was out to Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons in 2001. Since then we have adopted the adventure lifestyle & have never looked back, bringing family, friends & now our kids along for the ride. We even named our first children's book Adventures with Ranger Roy: Acadia National Park.

Since I'm pregnant right now (an adventure in itself!) & due in the middle of adventure season (June 30th) we are sadly not doing one of our normal National Park Adventures this summer. Instead I've decided to embark on a 31 day challenge from my new friend Amy, from Expand Outdoors.  

I bring to you Day 1 of 31 Days of Adventure

Each day I will get a prompt in my inbox for some type of daily adventure. Join me if you would like. Today was the set up for the project. Below are my answers:

What does adventure means to you? How do you define it? 
Something new. Challenging. Difficult. Exciting. Shared with others.

When you hear the word "adventure," what images come to mind?
Grand vistas. Beautiful views. Flowers. Lakes. Rivers. Mountains. Our Xterra KYT. Trials.
Excitement. Anxiety. Wonderment. Peace. Joy.

Hiking. Biking. Road Trip. Swimming. Running. Live concerts.
Are there particular smells or sounds you associate with the word?
Rain. Dry air. Pine trees. Lake or river water. Chirping birds. Crowds of people. Silence.

Let the next Adventure begin!  

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