Day 19: Color Your World

31 Days of Adventure Day 19
Color Your World

"Choose your favorite color for the day and head outside to take note of all the places and ways it shows up in your world." - daily email prompt

As we clamored into the truck I gave Cadence her adventure question of the day, "What is your favorite color?"


Then she asked Jarrod when he got in, "Daddy? What is your favorite color?"


And we were off.

All the way from Washington Street to the University of Illinois campus Jarrod & Cadence would yell out what they saw in their favorite colors.

"Pink tree!"

"Red car!"

"Pink stairs!"

"Red light!"

After dropping Jarrod off at work I decided to take Cadence over to the University of Illinois Arboretum to find the colors in nature. Since this was an unplanned stop we were quite a pair: Cadence barefoot & me in my pajamas with black dress shoes. Fun times!


More pink!


And Mommy's favorite nature color: SPRING GREEN!
Until tomorrow.

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