Day 30: What Are You Thinking?

IMG 8401 from Morning Meeting 04.18.12
31 Days of Adventure Day 30
What Are You Thinking?

"Find a quiet space (or create one) where you can take 15 minutes alone. Bring a pen a couple of pieces of paper with you (yes, we're doing this analog). Start writing." - daily email prompt

I'm not going to lie it took over a week for me to find a quiet moment & write for 15 minutes. I think that is just the nature of being a Mom. There isn't an over abundance of quiet moments. But when you get one it is pretty stinkin' glorious.

I wrote for 15 minutes. I almost didn't stop. The movement of the pen on paper was therapeutic. I forgot how much journaling helps me digest & comprehend life. I really should do it more often.

An except from this evening:

"What will this new baby teach me? What will it bring into my life? How will it break me down & build me back up? Becoming a mother has probably been the best thing God could have done to me.

It has been hard.

It has fun.

It has been a lot of work.

It has been really rewarding.

It has been extremely challenging.

It has given me lessons on love I didn't even know I needed."

//Dandelion image from Morning Meeting 04.18.12. See the whole collection here.//

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