Day 28: Childhood Skillz

31 Days of Adventure Day 28
Childhood Skillz

"Today, relearn a skill from childhood — when's the last time you did a somersault or a cartwheel? Or finger painted? Or collected rocks and coins?" - daily email prompt

Adventure Day 28 was filled with chances to be a kid again. For the first time since last June my entire family was together. Extended family members and friends joined us for the festivities as well. The crazy level was extremely high. I'm guessing we had over 25 people at my Mom's house on Lake Winneabago.

The occasion? My little sister, Becky & her husband, Andy came home from New York... to announce she's pregnant! Bring on extra crazy next Christmas!!

I'm the oldest of six kids. We have been blended together since I was seven. At this point any steps that were once in someones title have long been dropped. Since I know it is hard to keep track of big families of my friends (I'm looking at you Freund family!) I thought an info graphic may be helpful. Original 8Rs (Rieders & Repovschs) are in red. Kids are on the side of the parent they go with:

Now back to adventuring. There are two plasma cars up at the Lake House. Cadence, Kaysen, Baby & I took one for a spin. I love how having kids gives you a second childhood.

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