Day 23: Dance!

31 Days of Adventure Day 23

"Today's adventure invites you to dance for no reason. Pick your favorite song, crank up the music and get down. Yep, right there in your living room." - daily email prompt

The morning this adventure prompt arrived I told Cadence what we were going to do.

"Cadence, for today's adventure we get to dance! In the living room!"

"Mommy. We have to leave the house for an adventure."

She had a point. 

So on our way to Cadence's last night of swimming lessons we rolled down the windows, rocked out & danced in the truck. Best song from home to swimming? Keep Em Separated by the Offspring. One of my favorites from my high school years. Maybe Cadence will think the same but from her preschool years.

And finally, a video of my little rocker from the parking garage:


leslie said...

i think we have a drummer on our hands.....AWESOME!

Jessie Marie said...

I know! I can't wait to get her a drum set!!