Day 25: Choose Your Own Adventure

31 Days of Adventure Day 25
Choose Your Own Adventure

"Every day we face various situations and circumstances that allow us to choose to take action (or take no action). There are the safe and comfortable choices (e.g., having our favorite cereal for breakfast).

There are choices we make out of habit (e.g., driving the same route every day to work). And there are choices we make that feel riskier and have an element of the unknown.

Today, we challenge you to choose adventure. Write your own story today."
- daily email prompt

Outcome of Choice Change #1

1. Yesterday was a full work day for me. I start my work day with a Morning Meeting. I head to Lake of the Woods in Mahomet armed with my camera & create beautiful photos. Instead of going to a spot I had scouted out over the winter I went to a new one. I ended up on the shores of the lake surrounded by flowers & butterflies.

Lesson Learned: Nature will never disappoint.

Blank form to fill out for Choice #2

2. Quarterly Sales & Use Tax Return. Not something I would call fun. Most days I decide to take no action on business nuts & bolts. But today since A. I was prompted to take action by this little 31 day experiment & B. Our quarterly Sales & Use Tax Return is due Friday I sat down for some quality time with the Illinois Department of Revenue. After two hours & multiple cookies to motivate myself to keep going I completed the form. The end result: I owed the State of Illinois ONE DOLLAR!  

BUT I did create myself some color coded, understandable directions for next quarter. I'm sure I'll be thanking myself in July!

Lesson Learned: Completing difficult tasks is more rewarding than completing easy tasks.

Final Location of Choice #3

3. During work day lunches Jarrod & I will take a walk. Yesterday we took a different route than normal which also completed one of my errands for the week. Watch out! Multitasking. After lunch with Jarrod, instead of hiding out in a cafe & checking email, I headed over to Illini Grove Park to sit & breath before a client meeting. 

Lesson Learned: Sunshine is magical.

Open road of Choice #4

4. My final off-beat decision was the choice to take the two lane highway to go pick up Cadence rather than the Interstate. 

Lesson Learned: Always keep your windows down when possible.

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