Make Art Retreat II Review

From March 15th to March 18th a group of us took in art, made art, talked about art & ate art in south eastern Wisconsin. A fabulous retreat if I say so myself.

The mix of work & play was just what I personally needed.

• We had our first workshop during a Make Art Retreat. It was on square foot gardening & conducted by Leslie who works for A Back Yard Farm in Minnesota. Very informative.
• I took & edited photos
• I started the first pagination for Adventures with Ranger Roy: Yellowstone National Park
• I helped Miss Leslie with her upcoming book the pauses between. Which by-the-way was just fully funded via kickstarter. Yeah!!

• We ate at the Safe House
• Walked around downtown Milwaukee
• Had interrupted sleep
• Enjoyed a Friday Night Fish Fry in Wisconsin
• Played at Calumet County Park
• Chased after Jarrod with a camera while he was running 20 miles (!!)
• Watched the ice melt off Lake Winneabago

We visited a total of four locations during the weekend. Each location is represented below by a photo. You can see all the photos that were taken here on flickr.

Homewood, IL
Evening in Milwaukee
Morning in Milwaukee
Weekend at the Lake House

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leslie said...

completely an amazing weekend and sooo very helpful!! wonderful fun and productive book bits sorted too!!
thank you!