Day 26: Reinvent Your Comfort Zone

31 Days of Adventure Day 26
Reinvent Your Comfort Zone

"Our comfort zone is constantly shifting as we grow and stretch our personal limits. We created today's adventure in celebration of stepping outside our comfort zones. Today, choose an old comfort and add a new twist." - daily email prompt 

I feel at home inside a grocery store. I know this is because of the hours & hours of time I spent in Pick 'n Saves during my childhood, teenage years & college breaks. My parents were managers. I worked in the deli. My siblings worked in different departments. My friends worked in the store. My social life revolved around who I know from the store. I even married one of the baggers.

When I found the cafe inside the County Market on campus it instantly became my favorite work location. My comfort zone. And then confrontation occurred on Day 26 of this glorious adventure. The following notice was left on KYT's windshield:   

I posted the photo along with this status update on facebook:
And then after Cadence went down for her nap I made a phone call. To the manager. I pretended I was talking to an old manager at Pick 'n Save, Scott Backus, to calm my nerves. Comfort zone exited.
He told me his overzealous Receiving Clerk had put the note on everyone's cars that morning. He had removed the others himself & didn't know anyone had left with one. Obviously I'm not the target market they are having issues with - students are. 
In the future I am to let the service desk know if I'm going to be in the cafe longer than two hours. However, I don't think this grocery store will stay on my list of comfortable places to work.

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