Day 21: Wish Upon a Star

31 Days of Adventure Day 21
Wish Upon a Star

"For your adventure today, set your alarm for 1:00am. Head outside and check out the constellations.

If you're in the city (or it's too cloudy) and you can't see the night sky, see how many constellations you can name. Grab a constellation book (or consult the Internet) to learn more."
- daily email prompt


It's funny this adventure came when it did. Cadence usually comes home with a pile of fairy & princess books from the library. This week I decided to fight against them. When Cadence & I made our visit I told her we were going on a scavenger hunt - for books about outside. We came home with a book on butterflies, one on rocks & one on water.

One day we learned all about butterflies. Read the book. Watched videos on YouTube. And created butterflies out of construction paper. Another day we did the same thing with the rocks book. Read the book. Watched some videos. And studied Jarrod's rock collection. And you know what? Reading those two books & doing activities got Cadence asking more questions. She wanted to know about bees. I told her the next time we go to the library we'll find a book about bees.

So yesterday we got a bee book AND one on constellations. Jarrod & Cadence had been finding Orion the Hunter all winter, so picking up a book to teach us new constellations to look for was pretty perfect.

Now, if only the rain would stop so we could find them.

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