Day 27: Color Outside the Lines

31 Days of Adventure Day 27
Color Outside the Lines

"Today, draw a picture with your inner child and see the world through their lens. Draw from scratch, or find a coloring book and draw outside the lines." - daily email prompt

I didn't draw any pictures. Instead I went & looked at a whole lot of awesome artwork. Ate at a new restaurant. Had a cupcake. And stayed out way past my bedtime. I love Boneyard Arts Festival Adventures!

Thanks to Cary McClughen we tried out this new restaurant Friday night.

Daddy Daughter silliness.

Cary's awesome work.

Collective Narratives, Recollective Histories by Jason Patterson. Amazing show.

More from the Collective Narratives, Recollective Histories.

Mommy Daughter cupcake time at Cream & Flutter.

My papercut "I CU 10" displayed at Cream & Flutter.



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